About NMMS

Meteoritic Services LLC, is a legally registered company in the state of New Mexico operating under the name New Mexico Meteoritic Services. NNMS is the Analysis & Sample Management Service Provider for the University of New Mexico's Institute of Meteoritics.

NMMS was created to meet the rapidly growing needs of the meteorite community for an easy to access, professional analysis and classification service for suspected meteorites.

NMMS provides an easy to use online sample submission process for vetted researchers, institutions, meteorite professionals, and meteorite finders. Sample status, updates, and other important information about a sample can be easily accessed from a customer's online account or via scheduled email and text updates.


 The Team - New Mexico Meteoritic Services   sml nmms logo



NMMS Sample Coordinator

Anna Collins
Sample Coordinator

As the Sample Coordinator, Anna is the nexus of NMMS. She keeps the samples flowing and everyone updated. If you have questions about your sample or how the process works, Anna has the answer or she can find it for you.    



Dustin Dickens 

Dustin Dickens
Sample Prep. / CEO / Co-Founder

Dustin oversees all aspects of NMMS operations, and in particular is tasked with sample intake, preparation of microprobe mounts, and distribution of probe mounts and type deposits to UNM microprobe / oxygen labs and the IOM sample repository.




Dr. Carl Agee with NWA 7034 - Black Beauty
Dr. Carl B. Agee, Director IOM

Dr. Carl Agee oversees all NMMS analysis, classifications and submissions of meteorites to the Nomenclature Committee. Dr. Agee is the Director of the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico, and one of the worlds top meteorite researchers.