About NMMS

New Mexico Meteoritic Services (NMMS), is a service provider owned and managed by the Center for Meteoritic Studies  

NMMS works with UNM's IOM & CU Boulder's EMPA and LA ICP-MS Laboratories.

NMMS was created to meet the rapidly growing needs of the meteorite community for an easy to access, professional analysis and classification service for suspected meteorites.

NMMS provides an easy to use online sample submission process for vetted researchers, institutions, meteorite professionals, and meteorite finders.

New Mexico Meteoritic Services was founded in 2020 as the Analysis & Sample Management Service Provider for the University of New Mexico's Institute of Meteoritics.

In 2022, New Mexico Meteoritic Services merged with the nonprofit Center for Meteoritic Studies and subsequently converted to a 501(C3) legal structure. New Mexico Meteoritic Services is now a DBA of the Colorado based nonprofit, Center for Meteoritic Studies Inc. 

 New Mexico Meteoritic Services Team   sml nmms logo



NMMS Sample Coordinator

Anna Collins
Sample Coordinator

As the Sample Coordinator, Anna is the nexus of NMMS. She keeps the samples flowing and everyone updated. If you have questions about your sample or how the process works, Anna has the answer or she can find it for you.    



Aidan Ross - NMMS Meteoriticist

Aidan Ross 
Meteoriticist / Researcher

Aidan is responsible for the majority of NMMS's physical microprobe analyses. She also assists with meteorite classifications and write-ups for Nomenclature Committee submissions, in particular with achondrites. Aidan is in the process of writing her dissertation on the Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Almahata Sitta, Ureilites for her PhD - joint between the Natural History Museum, London (UK), and University College London (UK). She completed her BA and MSci at the University of Cambridge (UK). Aidan graduated with First Class Honours from Cambridge. Over the course of her PhD, Aidan has received awards including the Meteoritical Society Award for Best Student Abstract for work on diamonds in ureilites, and the Lunar and Planetary Institute Career Development Award for work on metals in Almahata Sitta ureilites.



Dustin Dickens UNM IOM New Mexico Meteoritic Services

 Dustin Dickens
CEO / Co-Founder

Dustin oversees all aspects of operations and meteorite classifications for NMMS, including diagnostic EMPA work at both the IOM and CU labs, sample prep and mounting, write-ups for Nomenclature Committee submissions, and institutional liaison.  




Dr. Carl Agee with NWA 7034 - Black Beauty
Dr. Carl B. Agee, Director IOM

Dr. Carl Agee oversees all NMMS analysis, classifications and submissions of meteorites to the Nomenclature Committee. Dr. Agee is the Director of the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico, and one of the worlds top meteorite researchers.



Aaron S. Bell NMMS Associate

Dr. Aarin S. Bell, CU Boulder

Dr. Aaron Bell is an experimental petrologist with an interest in applying microanalytical techniques to the characterization of geological materials. Prior to arriving at CU, Aaron spent four years as Sr. Research Scientist in the Institute of Meteoritics – Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of New Mexico. His research focuses on investigating the redox systematics of multi-valent elements (i.e., V, Cr, Fe, and S) in silicate liquids and their partitioning behavior in silicate liquid-mineral systems. This work combines synchrotron micro XANES (x-ray near edge absorption structure) spectroscopy at the Advanced Photon Source, electron microprobe analysis at CU, experimental petrology, and thermodynamic modeling. Aaron is currently the lead PI on two active research projects funded by NSF and NASA.