New Mexico Meteoritic Services

Service Price Schedule                                          

Per Sample Fee - $750.00
Deposit (refundable) - $350.00

NMMS offers Enhanced Characterization & Consulting for clients seeking a more thorough investigation into a samples chemistry, petrology, and mineralogy. One-on-one sessions to investigate and discuss particular samples in real-time are also available.  

Engagements with NMMS are contingent on availability and acceptance of engagement.

Payment of the initial $350 deposit does not guarantee acceptance of engagement nor a specific schedule, or allotment of consulting hours. This is a 'good faith' deposit and will be returned in the event Dr. Bell or Mr. Dickens are unavailable or decline the engagement. If the engagement is accepted, the $350 deposit will be credited towards the first invoice billed at the stated hourly rate of $350 per hour with a two hour minimum for accepted engagements. Hourly fees include access to and supervised use of the electron microprobe lab.