New Mexico Meteoritic Services

Price Schedule                                          

Standard Analysis & Classification 
Per Sample Fee - $350.00

Ordinary Chondrites  - LL / L / H
Per Sample Fee - $250.00

Type 3 Ordinary Chondrites
LL / L / H 3.00 - 3.20
Per Sample Fee - $500.00

*Carbonaceous Chondrites 
Per Sample Fee - $350.00
Per Sample Fee -  $500

Standard Analysis & Classification 
Per Sample Fee - $350.00
Per Sample Fee - $200.00
*This is a deposit only - consulting fees are billed by invoice separately from other analysis services. Scheduling and availability contingent on approval by Dr. Agee
Hourly Fee - $250.00



1. The stable oxygen isotope analysis service is usually intended to be used together with the standard microprobe based analysis and classification service for certain anomalous samples. There are times when it may be appropriate to use oxygen analysis as the preliminary analysis, and where subsequent electron microprobe and write-up services are not wanted or required. However, all submissions destined for classification and submission to Nomenclature Committee for official name and publication in the Meteoritical Bulletin will also require the Standard Analysis and Classification service in addition to the oxygen isotope analysis. 

2. Some carbonaceous chondrites with anomalous microprobe data may require oxygen isotope analysis to determine the exact sub-classification. If this is the case, it will result in an additional $200 fee for the oxygen isotope analysis for classification to be completed. This is in addition to the $350 microprobe analysis and calcification fee and will result in a total sample analysis and classification cost of $550.

3. General consulting and extended submission characterization engagements with Dr. Agee are contingent on his availability and acceptance of engagement. Payment of the initial $250 deposit does not guarantee acceptance of engagement or a specific schedule or allotment of consulting hours. This deposit will be returned in the event Dr. Agee is unavailable or declines the engagement. If the engagement is accepted, the $250 deposit will be credited towards the first invoice.