CCMS Analysis Services

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EPMA for Suspected Meteorite Analysis
Per Sample Fee - $500.00
Electron Probe Micro Analysis, more commonly known as the Electron Microprobe, is the standard analysis technique CCMS uses for all suspected meteorite samples except for suspected iron meteorites (see INAA)

INAA for Suspected Iron Meteorite Analysis
Per Sample Fee - $750.00
Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) is the process CCMS uses for determining the concentrations of trace elements and specific diagnostic elemental ratios in suspected iron meteorites. NAA allows for discrete bulk sampling of elements focusing only on the atomic nuclei. NAA technology is based on neutron activation and requires very specialized equipment. However sample prep FON INAA is relatively basic in contrast to EPMA which require high polished epoxy or glass carbon coated probe mounts. 

A sample is bombarded with neutrons causing its stable elements to form radioactive isotopes. The emission energy signatures and decay paths for each element's isotope(s) are then compared to known standards. This allows us to measure the emissions of the irradiated sample, and get elemental percentages at a finer resolution than is possible with a standard electron microprobe.